WrestleMania 21 - April 03, 2005

Roddy Piper said he had to meet the man many consider the meanest S.O.B. in the history of WWE.  After his long-awaited Piper’s Pit at WrestleMania 21, Piper surely won’t forget the historic encounter.

To start, Piper greeted Austin with a slap that Austin quickly returned.  After Piper told Austin that the Rowdy one was WWE’s original rebel, Austin insulted Piper.

Suddenly, SmackDown!’s Carlito made a surprise visit, claiming nobody wanted to see the uncool duo of Roddy Piper and Steve Austin.

Piper would go on to take Carlito’s trusty apple and spit it back into the face of Carlito.  After Carlito attacked Piper, Austin came in for the save, eventually hitting Carlito with a Stone Cold Stunner and sending him over the top rope.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Piper then celebrated by drinking beers in the ring, only to have Austin then hit an unsuspecting Piper with a Stunner before leaving.