RAW Episode - Oct. 03, 2005

McMahon came out and relived one of his favorite RAW moments, pinning Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Before he could share anymore of his fond memories, Stone Cold came out.  Austin shared some memories of his own, including pummeling McMahon in a hospital and dousing him with beer from a beer truck hose.  Vince offered to start over on WWE Homecoming with a clean slate, but Stone Cold’s answer came with one of his patented Stone Cold Stunners.  Shane McMahon then came out to defend his father, but without even saying a word, the Texas Rattlesnake greeted him with a Stunner as well.  Then it was the Billion Dollar Princess’ turn as Stephanie came out and gave Stone Cold a tongue-lashing.  Stone Cold mistook her words for affection and thought she was flirting with him, until she slapped him that is.  The vicious slap earned her a Stunner as well, prompting WWE CEO Linda McMahon to come to the ring.  She asked Stone Cold to apologize for the chaos he had caused, and Austin uncharacteristically did just that.  Austin then said that it was time to give the fans a RAW moment they’d never forget.  After teasing a kiss with the CEO, Austin said it was time to drink some beers.  Just before Austin was ready to leave, however, he completed the McMahon sweep and Stunned Linda as well.  Stone Cold had wreaked havoc on the McMahons once again!