A WWE SCSA Desire Video
Creed - My Sacrifice

WWE Desire Transcript
Credited to Simply-Stunning.net

When that glass hits it's nothing but 100% pure adrenaline, you might as well be a junkie, coz you're hooked on it. You're hooked on standing behind that curtain every single night and going out there and busting your ass for that crowd. To me, the whole business is, fuck you, let's have a good time. There's beer drinking, there's middle fingers, there's Hellraising, when Stone Cold Steve Austin is at work, and if Stone Cold Steve Austin's at work, it's gonna be a good day.

When it takes Stone Cold Steve Austin too long to get up, too long to fall down, then it's time for Steve Austin to move along and let someone else do this thing.

To me every single bump, bruise, stitch, cut, everything is worth it. The sacrifices as you call them, I wouldn't give none of them back to ya, coz I love them all.