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I had a wonderful time at the free WWE Event on August 18, 2007.  There was a little confusion when I got there.  I wanted to get a wristband so I can get my picture taken with Torrie Wilson and Maria.  Just I didn't know where to go... and I should of waited by the stage instead in a line that I wasn't sure what was in front of it.  No matter, I still took their pictures!

Property of ROSWhen the event started at 11am, I walked up to the ring, as my brother and girlfriend waited in line.  Jimmy Hart and Chris welcomed everyone in the ring.  They mentioned everything that we can get and what we can do.  Then they made their way to the stage.  Lucky for me, I was just in front of the stage, so I didn't have to walk anywhere.  On stage, they had fans blow up a small beach ball and the winner got a wristband for the guarantee pictures and autographs with the divas.  When they went for a break, I went back to the line.

Once I found my brother and girlfriend, they were closer to the front of the line.  All I had to wait was about five to ten minutes.  The line was for the free picture with the WWE Championship Belt.  That was my main focus for the day!

Property of ROSAfter that, we went to the stage.  They had allot of fan interactions.  Then the divas came out for their one hour signing and pictures session with the fans at 12pm.  I tried to get a close as possible.  Just everyone else wanted to stay in front of me and blocking everyone's view.  So, I took a few pictures and went back to the stage.

Property of ROSThe first match was at 1pm.  Daivari came out first and spoke in Arabic.  He got allot of heat. Val Venis was his opponent.  The match was great.  Val got the pinfall victory via The Money Shot.

Property of ROSThe second match was at 2pm.  Chris Masters came out first, fallowed by Chuck Palumbo.  This match was also great.  It could of gone either way.  Masters attempted the Master Lock twice but Chuck was able to get away.  The match end with a pinfall victory for Chuck.  I just don't know what move he used to end the match.

Property of ROSThe third and final match of the day was at 3pm.  Jimmy Wang Yang came out to a huge pop.  When Chavo Guerrero came out, he had one of Rey Mysterio's masks, just like he did on SmackDown had allot of heat for it.  Some fans chanted 619 and others chanted Eddie.  This match was simply the best, even though I knew Chavo would win... just to further build his match for SummerSlam.  Chavo nailed Jimmy with the Three Amigos and a Frog Splash for the pinfall victory.  Post match... Chavo put the mask on Jimmy and tried to get him in the Gory Bomb.  Jimmy countered with a flip from the corner.  After the match, Jimmy signed autographs at ringside.  I think he was the only one who did.

Property of ROSThe event ended at 5pm.  We were right in front of the stage since the last match ended.  We got a few small prizes and we watch some fans on stage.  Afterwards, I had my picture taken in front of the ring.  I wanted to get inside, but I just didn't ask... We saw the referee for all three matches, Chad Patton.  He was talking to a few fans.  I took two pictures of Chad, one with my girlfriend and one with my WWF Smoking Skull Belt.  He is a very cool guy and a pleasure to talk with.  Jimmy Wang Yang was also near the ring as we were leaving.  He signed allot of autographs.  I could of waited to get a picture with him but, there was too many people around him.  So, I didn't make a fuss but we told him that he had a great match.  Oh... both Jimmy Hart and Chris signed autographs and had their picture taken with some fans throughout the day.

Pops - Val Venis, Chuck Palumbo, Jimmy Wang Yang

Heat - Diavari, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero

Chants - 619, Eddie, Cena, Cena Sucks, Chavo Sucks

Originally Written on - Tuesday August 21, 2007 - 10:17pm (PDT) - In my Y!360 Blog!

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