A Cold One - The Condemned

Property of the WWEDespite all the negative reviews from many movie credits, for me, it's one kick-ass movie.  I watched the movie on it's first day out theaters, on April 27, 2007.

The movie kept my interest from start to finish.  I enjoyed most of the movie.  The only part I didn't like, the part where a condemned woman was raped in front of her condemned husband.  Other than that, there's nothing that I can say to put down the movie.

I know I should of wrote this on the same day I saw the movie.  It's difficult for me to give my best review of the movie.  However, Austin portrayed his part wonderfully.  It's similar to what he does in the ring.  He doesn't have to say much to get his point across.  Hell, I would loved to seen him give a couple of characters a Stone Cold Stunner!  Hopefully, in the next movie, Austin would be able to stun someone.  Despite no stunners in the movie, he still opened a can of whoop-ass on nearly everyone!!!

Note... I'm waiting for the movie to come out on dvd.  I want my own copy of the film.  So, I can watch the movie and the extras, and update my thoughts here.

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