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A Cold One - The Beer Bash
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Due to his old neck injury, his second run was short lived.  His last match was against The Rock at Wrestle Mania XIX.  Even though he lost, he returned the following Monday night.  He look great but, due to his medical condition, he was "fired" because, he's a liability to the WWE.

That didn't last for to long.  He was away for about a month.  Linda McMahan announced on RAW (04/28/03), SCSA will be the Co-GM of RAW effective the following Tuesday Morning.  Now, RAW will be a kick ass show since SCSA will be on every week and we (all his fans) don't have to worry about him leaving again.  Since Tomorrow was the key word, he Stone Cold Stunnered Eric Bischoff!!!  Oh Hell Yeah!!!

This past RAW (05/05/03), He reinstated the I/C Title and rehired his good friend, Jim Ross.  He fired the chief of staff, Morley.  Now, he's able to get into Eric Bichoff's face and not worry about any repercussions.  Overall, he already made RAW better.  Hopefully, he's able to get the show's ratings up and make it more entertaining.

The best part, he had a hell of a celebration.  He had his office filled with a truckload or two of beer.  At the end of RAW, he made Goldberg happy.  Then he had all his beer bought out to the ring.  So, let the BEER BASHING bagin with SCSA and Goldberg celebrating in the middle of the ring as RAW ended and gone off the air.  On more thing... his probation period is over... Now, I can drink some beers, eat some chips and drink some more beer!!!  Happy days are here again...

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Property of the WWE
Property of the WWE
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