A Cold One - The Return
This is long over due...

Stone Cold Steve Austin's return to the WWE was, to me, long over due.  Myself and many other fans wanted him back months ago.  Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled that the Texas Rattlesnake returned at the WWE's No Way Out 2003 PPV. 

On his WWE RAW return, he thanked everyone for supporting him.  Eventhough the inital response was "you're welcome", it's more like, "No Austin, Thank You".  Thank you for coming back to the WWE.  More importantly, thank you for coming back to us, your dedicated fans/fanatics!  SCSA is an inspiration as well as an outlet for our own day to day lives.  Words alone can not express what the SCSA persona and the Austin 3:16 attitude means to me...

To top things off,
StoneCold.com is back online!  The site has a new look.  The multimedia is rather small due to the fact that the site started since SCSA return to the WWE.  What I like about it is that it's personalize by SCSA's own words.

The only things missing from SCSA persona are the beer drinking and the beer showering celebrations.  It's all good though... He can't drink til he's off his year long probation, which is another story all together.  Anyway, I'm keeping a cold one waiting til the time comes...

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