Spades History - Side Notes
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I renamed my BOL league name to the_rattlesnake_of_spadesharks on Aug. 27, 2005.  Then I entered my first Best of the Best tournament.  I was the only one from Spadesharks there.  Tina don't want our league to be a part of BOL.  She has her reasons, for which I do understand completely, but she allowing me to compete there.  No matter, I'm a Rattlesnake and I can do just fine on my own.  I was supporting my league by playing.  When I was done, I posted the following message in the forum...

"This was my first tournament here in over a year.  From what I recall, nothing changed.  The lobby talk was good.  I don't care about the self-proclaimed "king".  At least it was all in good fun.  I don't understand why it closed 20 minutes late.  By now, everyone should know the deal... be in the room and checked in prior to the scheduled start time.  The tournament should of closed at 7pm and started about 10 minutes or so after, depending on the time it takes to get the pairings straight.  I understand this a solo tournament but in a partnership style of play.  How can it be when the tournament itself is a 1vs1vs1vs1???  I was the only one who pointed this out.  I say again, tonight was the first for me and I wondered if this was how it ran last month.  A couple of people said it's right.  OK, fine... I knew the ones running the show will have more work for themselves.  No matter, it wasn't me.  I played and lost the first round.  No biggie, couple of set nils.   The partner I had tried and played very well.  I, on the other-hand, don't know what I was thinking a couple of times.  As it turned out, I waited for this, "I'm sorry all, this tournament is now a paper tournament", was said by BOL_Belinda.  I saw that coming from the start.  After that, I left."

"I don't know why it took a whole hour to play.  Then the 30 minutes it took for me to lose, the first round was still going for a few people.  I don't understand why tonight happened as it did.  This tournament been around a few months, it should of ran smoother and on time.  Which goes by saying, some things don't change... I can remember it's first trial run and it being a 1vs1 tournament... oh well, I'll be back for another crack at being the Best of the Best next month!"

Ok... I edited my forum message.  I had a couple of typos and I added the name.  I was too tired and upset to reread my message before posting it.  However, I didn't put the name in my message because, I didn't want to point fingers.  Here, I have no mercy!  Problems like this were the reasons why Spadesharks is not an active league in BOL.

I left BuzzardzHaven on Sept. 08, 2005.  There's no point for me to stay any longer than I should.  My highest rank was third place.  This only happened because of a couple of reasons.  Members above me were derunged for not playing a game in seven days.  I didn't want that to happen to me.  I wanted to keep my spot at all costs and to get the league's Championship by defualt.  Something too easy and open for the taking...

When I was at 6. something of idle time, I reported a loss to the only unranked member in the league.  A week later, I reported a loss to the last placed member.  After that, on the same night, Cases went down for about a day and a half.  Cases moved into a better location to fit all the new servers for all of Cases and Myleague sites.  They had to take the time to relocate all files and to get all the leagues possible back online.  Once BuzzardzHaven was up and running again, I checked my standings.  I was still third, which pissed me off.  The two people above me were at 8. something of idle time.  I waited another week to see if Cases will drop them.  Nothing, they were still there with a 16.4 days of idle time.

The league was designed to derung members in the top ten for not playing in a week's time.  The two above me were past two weeks and should of been derunged, period.  I should of became the league's Champion.  I would of stayed until I lost my Championship and then I would of left the league.  However, what I hoped didn't happened, therefore, I considered myself as the Unofficial BuzzardzHaven League Champion.  Hell, I was there and willing to play.  To add, no one else was around to play, so I don't care what anyone thinks about this... After I left, the league became active again.
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