Spades History - A New Beginning
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On Aug. 17, 2005, I was wondering around in different Spades room.  I was thinking I can start a new league on my own.  I just need to find a vacant room.  Once I have a room, I'll create a new league.  I was thinking of calling my new league, Stone Cold Spades.  I already have the name, stone_cold_rattlesnake_of_spades, and it would of been used to get me back into the BOLs once I had Stone Cold Spades.

However, when I went into a spades room, UK Badger Set, everything came to a halt.  A league was there and everyone welcomed me.  The HA of Spadesharks, Tina - Y!ID Spadesharks, asked me to join her league.  At the time, I wasn't ready to join.  Without telling her, I needed a league that will suit all my needs... being a Player/TD and to get me back into the BOLs.  All I told her was that I will look into her league.

There are a few reasons why I ended up joining the league.  First of all, Tina looked at this site without me asking.  She got to know me... not all of me... enough to keep her interests.  The other members are totally awesome.  The league itself is a part of a few Interleagues.  One of which is the BOLs, the Interleague I've been wanting to play in.  The others are Big Battle in Beetle (BBB) and Interleague Tournaments of Champions (ITOC).

I joined Spadesharks on Aug. 19, 2005.  Of course, I added my new league to my Platinum membership.  I was so eager to play that night and waiting for the night I would return to the BOLs.  I played in three tournaments on my first night with Spadesharks.  I hate to say, as a debut, I lost the first two.  Oh well, at least I already returned to both Yahoo! Spades and Cases Ladder.  I had my first tournament victory in the third.

Myself and a couple of other members were asked to become a TD for the league.  How can I say no???   I've been wanting to host again just as bad as I wanted to play.  The others denied the offer for their own reasons.  I, on the other hand, applied for a TD position.  Tina added me to her TD staff with the default "In-Training" statise.  The following morning, I had her to put me on active statise so I can get started.  I already know what to do and ready to get the first ten of my tournaments out of the way.  As per Cases, completing the first five will allow me the earn bux for my efforts.  The second five will allow me to charge members an entry fee that will go the tournament's payout pot.  After that, I'll earn my TD ribbon in due time.

I became a HTD for Spadesharks on Sept. 01, 2005.  A few days later, on Sept. 06, I was promoted to admin.  I've said in the past that if I was going to be admin again, I might as well create a new league.  In this case, for which I'm greatful, Spadesharks feels like it's a league of my own.  I gave Tina many different ideas on web design and she used most of them.  I also created special awards for the league. 

On Sept. 09, I was boxed for disrespect to a league member.  The night before, I was playing in a game.  As I play, I don't carry a conversation with anyone.  The td was too busy looking at everyone's profiles and asking to many damn questions.  She was wondering why some profiles were blank and no pictures.  Someone was from some place she never heard of and asked where it's at and such.  When she got to me, she wonder why my profile don't have a pic of me and why it's marked as an adult profile.

When I didn't answer, she continued to try to get my attention.  I find this very rude.  For a person interfering in a game by asking so many fucking questions.  The league wants fast play and it's very fucking difficult when people are reading what other people are writing and then answering.  I pay attention to the cards as they are played.  At this time, there were two nils on the table.  I needed to cover my partner's nil and set the other.  I was too busy keeping track of the cards than to read the questions that the td was asking me.  Hello???  There's a fucking game going on!  Something I wanted to say.  All I said was "you're disrupting the game".

All hell broke lose after that and I was the only one who got a warning.  It was nice to know this, anyone can talk during a game and ask all sorts of non-Spades questions to those who are in the game.  If a player don't answer, he/she can try to no end to get a person's attention.  To me, talking in general, while a hand is in motion, is rude.  There's plenty of time after the game to ask all the questions.  However, there's no need to ask questions about other people's profiles.  If it's blank, that means they don't want anyone to know who they are or they didn't bother to fill out their own profiles.  If there's no pic, that means they don't want anyone to see them.  If the pic is a cartoon or, in my case, SCSA, that means the pic goes with the profile that it's attached to and we don't want everyone to see who we really are.  If the profile is marked "Adult", that means the profile has some form of adult contant.  So why all the questions???

Now, the following morning, I told the same td that I'm not going to bother to train her to be a better td.  She did her own thing the night before and she don't need my guideness.  She then asked me why I hate her so much and why I was rude yesterday.  I told her that she was rude to me by asking so many questions.  The conversation went on and I got a point where I said that I could of called her a bitch during the game.  To her, her hubby and Tina, it was like calling her a bitch.  Ok... fine... She's a Bitch... to justify in my own mind for being boxed as the result of saying the bitch comment in the first place.  I was boxed for three days, no play and no hosting...

Maybe this was something I needed.  A way for me to change, or modify myself, for the better.  One more strike, I'm done...

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