Spades History - The Stone Cold Truth vol.2
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I decided to become a TD for SpadeZ on May 21, 2004.  Shortly thereafter, on May 30, 2004, I was promoted to HTD and TD Manager by the Head Admin, hokiepokie2646.  I was getting back into the swing of things.  I had to relearn all the ins and outs of being HTD, for which wasn't difficult at all.  My first act was to put out an email to all TDs.  This email stated what I tend to do for the league.  It also stated my ideas of what we can do to get members to play.  I also had a few suggestions on making things easier for everyone, the things that worked in the past.

At this time, I hosted ten back-to-back, 1vs1 tournaments.  I only had four or five players helping me to get these tournaments done.  It was alot of fun and tiring at the same time.  We used the swingers format and the same table the entire time.  This made things go smoothe for us.  The players were eager to play til the point that Mr. Sandman had to literly drag them away from their computers.  They were so supportive...

I was unable to continue hosting any tournaments.  I had to work overtime, nearly everyday.  I wasn't scheduled for the overtime, I just ended up getting it as each day went by.  Not knowing what's going to happen in the days/weeks to come, I didn't want to take a chance in taking up time slots and not be able to host my tournaments when I had to remain at work.  It wouldn't be right for me to do so, as it is unfair to the other tds.

I was too tired from work to try to do my best in playing spades.  Instead, I decided to create a website for the league.  I was able to get my own webhosting and domain at the time.  I was willing to have everything that was needed for league purposes on my domain, regardless of what it costed me.  I worked on the site nearly everyday for about a hour or two after I got home from work.  It was relaxing for me to do so and it was in the best interest of the league.  Also, it was easier for me to walk away from the production of the site than it would be if I was playing in a tournament.  If I was needed close a tournament, I played the game.

I had a simple layout for the site.  Everything that was Spadez League related was going to be a part of the site.  The league was still rather young, so it was easy for me to start the various records I needed to keep.  The only trouble that I had was with the main page of the site.  I couldn't find anything that would best serve the league on a year round basis.  What I end up doing was to use the work from the league's MyLeague main page.  I based the rest of the pages from that.  I should add that my site was based on frame work.  The end result was something worth seeing.

I was so proud of my work in progress, I had to share it with a couple of my friends from the league.  I wanted their opinion on my work.  I wanted them to proof read my work for accuracy, in order of maintaining the feel of the league.  It wasn't my league, afterall.

By the time I was ready to get back to both hosting and playing again, I was kicked out of the league on July 12, 2004 by master_0f_spadez.  He sent an email and I responded to it in my own special way...

    He wrote, "After talking to a few members I have change my mind. It seems it would be better that you do leave us."

   "Besides stealing nils banner and web page stuff...{if u would have asked her she would have let u use her images for site} but she is upset that not only did u use it but u claimed it was yours." ----- I never claimed that those images were mine.  That disclaimer was to protect the site when it was ready for the public to view.  The site wasn't ready for public view simply due to the fact that I wasn't done with it.  Granted I took her work and place them for display on the site that I intended to be for the league.  Her work better represent the league than I could think of at the moment.  It was only there until I can come up with something of my own in reflection to the work that she had done.  If I couldn't then it would stay.  I just wanted to get the index page taken care of before I get more into the other pages.  Like I said, it was a work in progress and not ready for public view. It wouldn't be a problem to give her proper credit as I already planned if I decided it must stay.  Besides, the work that she does for the league's page is no different than that of other leagues.  If she just can't be flattered by the fact that I appreciated her work and would proudly display it, then I don't care.

   "You also jumped all over Ashley so she may quit being a TD or even the league because she forgot to put rules on her tourney page, INSTEAD of helping her, u are a Htd and can get into tourney page in 2 Min's and have fixed it for her, You ripe her. Also you have gotten all over Emma when she is the one keeping us afloat." --- I didn't jump all over Ashley nor did I ripe her.  I just asked her for rules because, she didn't state what they were.  Any player that wanted to enter that tournament would of done the same thing.  simply say... rules??  I just don't know the rules to that game because, I never played that game before nor do I have a copy of those rules.  If I knew what they were, then I would of put them there for her or just tell her that her rules are missing.  Maybe I wouldn't of worried about it.  If she can't handle that, then she has no business being a td.  As for Emma, I never gotten all over her.  I did suggest simpler crazy games or maybe try reg.  I also suggested a few other ideas.  She told me that she didn't understand why people aren't playing and what can we do to get people to play.  Granted, she is keeping the league afloat... no one's helping her.  She knows that I can't help much due to my paying job keeping me on overtime and working me on my off days.  Where were you and Judy???  How about Sue???  I know Linda has things to take care of.  All of you pop in every once in a while just like I have been doing.....

   "You have not been here to train or help out as a HTD so how are they going to respect you and take your suggestion." ---- Once again, nor were you and the rest of the HTDs.  I have been over worked by keeping my company going.  Ever wonder what that is???  I'm in public transit.  I drive regular routes and I do ADA transportation.  My supervisors asked me to stay longer and work on my off days since, no one else is willing to do what I've done.  It was only until they fix our changing schedules.  Now I can host and play like I have done before.  However, you think otherwise...

    "Have heard u have tried to cyber sex with a few of the members here, we are a Christian league and want our members feel they are safe here." ---- I never tried to cyber with anyone in the league.  I never brought the subject up.  You better get your facts straight... I was hardly around remember????

   "Also you have not made a tourney in over a month and say u will not unless it is a 2 vs 2 or bots.  At the present time we are not getting enough here for 2 vs 2, and can't think of anyone who likes playing with bot's.  You could have made and see if anyone would gotten it." ---- Hmmm... the job that pays the bills and support my family comes first, always has and always will.  Like I said just a few lines before, my job keeps me away.  I was to tired to host a tournament, let alone, play in one.  Which I have done when Emma and even Judy needed me to help close a tournament.  Those tournaments that Emma had to move, you weren't there nor was Judy.  Here's a thought, I did asked what the league's normal times and for all of us to take up regular days and times.  No one told me a single thing.  I was going to make some tournaments, 1vs1 and 2vs2, for the rest of the month... but I can't do that, now can I???  One more thing, I said I wouldn't play in another 1vs1 unless it was with bots.  I never said I wouldn't host it!

   "I hope u find happens and fun with next league you join.  Just be happy with what there is there.  None of us get paid for this. We do it so we all can have fun." ----- You're right, we don't get paid to play/host spades nor run a league.  I was happy with SpadeZ and that was why I wanted to create a website for the league.  Going from Maiden and RSL to Spadeslite to here... I come to find that you all are just the same... a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!!  This league doesn't want sexual enduendos yet, the ladies do it all the time.  They do it to me before I even think to do it....  You all want a better league yet you let things go wrong and build up to a point that it gets out of hand.  Then you let someone go with all the reasons why and not clue the person in from the first signs of trouble... Way to go...

   "Have removed you from league plz move your paid membership so you don't lose it." --- Don't worry, I took care of that. 

"God Bless  Master_0f_spadez"

God Bless???  Since I'm a non-practicing Roman Catholic, fuck that shit.  If God had anything to do with this.  Judy wouldn't be offended by anything that I have done in the best interest of the league.  I know it was Judy that had a problem with my Yahoo profile eventhough, Linda refused to say. This league and Case's can't do anything about it either.  Simply because it didn't go against league rules nor does Case's has a say on what's on a profile that belongs in another domain.  I modified it out of respect and the request of Linda.  Speaking of Linda, why didn't you talk to her about any of this???  You, Judy and the rest, excluding Linda, can go play hide and go fuck yourselves. 

My favorite phrase... Fuck Fear, Drink Beer is going back to where it belongs... EFS... If you don't know what that means... Enough Fucking Said!
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