Spades History - The Return to Spades
My return to spades was long overdue.  Catladydiva, a good friend of mine, wanted me to join her in a private league.  I wanted to play but I waited until I fully regained my desire to play.  

On December 28, 2003, the time felt right to make my return.  I won my return match in a very close game.  Of course, Yahoo had to remind me one of the reasons why I left in the first place.  Which was back to back games of bad hands and no way to win.

On December 31, 2003, I made my return to Cases Ladder when I joined Spadeslite League.  I didn't play right away like a couple of league members had expected.  My return tournament was on January 09, 2004 and I won 2 out of 3 matches.  I started the league as rung 130 and ended on rung 5.  It just shows that I still have what it takes to win and I don't have any spec of spades rust.

However, being in a friendly, family style league, the pet names returned as well.  I went along with it at first.  At the time, I didn't mind it.  Once I noticed that I could be heading for distaster, I had to put a stop to it.  The persona of the Rattlesnake of Spades was designed for me to remain focus on spades.  I lost it once and I'm not going to lose it again... It's the law!

My motto: Play hard, play to win, but most of all, play for the love of the game of spades, Tigers Style!

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