Spades History - Reflections
I often thought about my spades life thoughout the year of 2003.  There were times that I just went into a game room and played with the bots.  I needed time to think and reflect.  I put too much of myself into spades and I got way over my head.

I had so much fun playing with my friends throughout my two terms of military service.  I do miss playing at a real table, with real cards and shit talking with some friends.  Where are they now???

As for my online spades... I put so much of myself into running Tigers Spades League.  I did everything that I could to make it successful.  I was available 24/7 to host tournaments.  I created both Tigers Championships and got the league in Bragging Rights to participate in the monthly Battle of the Leagues.  I had many different spade games planned.  I had a special website, yahoo backdoor and I customized the league's main page.  To make complete tournaments, I had to make some fake league names.  I had help in admin but turns out not to be very much help.  Regardless, right or wrong, everything I did was for the best interest of the league...

When Tigers was active, I gave a female friend of mine to have the name of Madam Rattlesnake.  She was the only online person who backed me 100%.  When I was down about spades, she did what she could to cheer me up.  We played Canasta.  She also tried everything she could to get the league some members.  I had The Lonely Road of Faith to reflect the both of us but, I changed it after our partnership ended.  I also added to it once I started to work on my complete spades history.

On July 02, 2003, I had accepted myself, for who I am. I can't change the once forgotten past, the present is clear, the future is uncertain, but all in perfect balance and now I truely am... The Rattlesnake!

"Visions of the Future lie in the Specters of the Past!"
A quote of my own...

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