Spades History - The Lonely Road of Faith
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Every morning, I hope that today will be better than yesterday.  I hope for a better tomorrow before I retire for the night.  Now, it's time for me to move on.  I have walked away from Tigers Spades League.  I will not waste another minute on a lifeless league.  I have lost everything when Cases deleted the league for inactivity and I should of left it alone.  I just don't give up to easily.  Tigers had took the best out of me and my spades suffered.

I joined RSL in July 2002 in the hopes to better myself for the Battle of the Leagues.  If you can't beat them, join them.  At the time, RSL had many championship tournaments.  I wasn't able to win any of those because, timing wasn't right.  I left the league on January 15, 2003.

I rejoined Maiden on November 15, 2002 after I took some time off.  I went back to the only league that had 100% of my support.  During this time, there was a major change in administration.  The new head admin made so many changes to Maidens rules.  So, the Old Maiden that I had known and loved was replaced by the New Maiden that I ended up hating.  It's not my fualt that my only trusted friend and good partner in Maiden wasn't able to play for her own personal reasons.  I was kicked out simply because, I wasn't active enough.  I didn't know I was out of the league until a few weeks later when I tried to join a tournament.  So, I rejoined, once again, and played a couple of tournaments.  I was so disrespected for my positive support, I left the league for good on Janurary 7, 2003.

As of Janurary 15, 2003, I don't have the desire to play spades.  No matter, I'll just continue to thrive on my own.  These two songs by Kid Rock are true to me.  I'll continue walking The Lonely Road of Faith because, Only God Knows Why...

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The Lonely Road of Faith

Only God Knows Why
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