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Tigers is a dead league.  The league was born on Feb. 09, 2002.  As with any new league, there were alot of things that needed to be done.  As the days passed, changes were made.  Right or wrong, everything was and will be done for the best interist of the league.  The league's home is in the cold heart of this rattlesnake.

Feb. 16, 2002 was the day I joined the league.  I came to the league to help a friend out.  Placed as a Head Tournament Director and Administer, I quickly went to work on improving the league.  One of the first things I did was to enter Tigers in Bragging Rights for the monthly Battle of the Leagues.  Tigers Change of Command was on Mar. 26, 2002 and was my first day as Head Admin.

I do have my own specialty tournaments.  I hosted The End of the Month Stunner, Last Man Stunners, and the Fatal Four-way.  I also hosted the Best of Tigers and Championship tournaments and all other verity spades games.

The End of the Month Stunner is a tournament that will test the teams' spading skills.  At first, it was difficult to host.  New to everyone who never seen a tournament done this way.  Each match in each round will play a different game style.  The teams that move on to the next round will play a different game than the round(s) before.

The Last Man Stunners is a regular spades tournament with a twist.  This tournament is set for ten hands.  The last bidder of each hand will bid nil except for the fifth and tenth/last hands.  The original plan was for the last bidder to bid DN but after the first trial run, not everyone like the DN deal.  It's still a fun game to play.

The dreaded Fatal Four-way tournament is my only 1vs1vs1vs1 tournament.  Other td's will use this format for a roulette tournament where everyone goes nil in only one hand.  The winner of the hand is the one that don't get busted with the nil.  In mine, object is to take the most tricks in the hand and the most hands in the game.  The tournament is set for ten hands.  This gives everyone the opportunity to score points.

There were two Best of Tigers regular spades tournaments a month.  These tournaments were the qualifiers for the Battle of the Leagues tournaments in Bragging Rights.  Each Best of Tigers team did played in their own tournament in Bragging Rights.  That way, the teams don't run the risk of facing each other.  The winning teams in the BOL tournaments would face each other for the Bragging Rights Title.

The Tigers Champion and Tigers Team Champions were the only two championships in Tigers.  These titles was up for grabs at anytime a challenge was made.  I wanted to host a Number One Contender tournament for each title on a bi-monthly basis.  The Tigers Champion Title matches were Bots or the Fatal Four-way matches.  The Tigers Team Champion Titles matches could of been any team game.  The rules governing the titles were in the main league rules and I had posted them in the league's forum.
Tigers is just an illusion... Hopes and dreams are no more.  It wasn't my undoing but the lack of member support and interest.  It was put to rest on Sept. 30, 2002...

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