Spades History - The Beginning
"For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother" William Shakespear Just like SCSA, I had to start somewhere.  I also had a few departures and returns.  I don't recall every little detail.  However, I'll sum it up here...

My spades career started when I was in the Marines with B Co, 1st TKBN in 29 Palms, CA in June of 1993.  Many trials and errors I had to do.  Each wrong move ended with a slap to the back of the head.  Man, I just had to learn the hard way...  After a few smacks, I started to play in the way they wanted me to.  I pick a card, see a raising hand, change my mind and play the card that person wanted me to.  Once I got the hang of it, they left me alone.  At the time, I didn't dream of becoming the Rattlesnake of Spades.  I just played ruthlessly and kicked ass because I learned from the best.  I wouldn't change my beginning in spades for anything.  I left spades (and the Marines) in June of 1998.

The spades style we played was with the Jokers.  The spades went Big, Little, Ace, King and so forth.  150/300 point Moes, Blind 6 for 120 points, 10 for 200 and board for 40 points.  We played to 500 and sometimes 1000 points.  There was also allot of table talk during bidding.  This way, everyone knows who holding on to the Jokers before starting.  During the hand, there was no talk, just hand gestures and the way you would play the card.  Partners tell each other what suit to play and so forth.  After the hand and the game, there were allot of shit talking.  I like to refer to this style of spades as Marine Spades...

I returned to spades in Feburary of 1999 when I was in Kuwait with the Army, A Co. 4/64 Armor out of Fort Stewart, GA.  We didn't have too much time on our hands for spades or for anything else for that matter.  I played for the fun of it and to keep my skills sharp.  I don't recall the style of play but I still kicked ass.

From June 2000 to December of 2000, I was part of a base maintenence crew called PM/RUSH.  Everyday, after our work was done, we played spades.  At first, they doubted my skills.  They played spades differently from the way I was taught.  I watched the first game to get the feel of it.  Then, I kicked ass in the second.  After that, everyone wanted me as their partner.

The style of spades was harder on the bids and easier on the points.  The spades went Big, Little, Duce, Ace, King and so forth.  Man, that Duce, mostly referred to as the Little General, was difficult to count at times as I was so used to seeing it as the lowest spade.  There was no moes and no asking for the Jokers for that matter.  We had Blind 6, 10 for 200 and board.  This was when I learned how to play nils.  I like to refer to this style of spades as Army Spades.

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"For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother." William Shakespear
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