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Quote: "Let's Go Spadin'"
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Hometown: Pinon Hills, CA
Favorite T.D.: {Points to Self}
Arch Rival: All other leagues!
Join Date: May 10, 2006
2nd Purge Date: Mar 04, 2007
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Austin 3:16
History Note 09/28/2007 - I created Challenge Spades Interleague on May 10, 2006.  I tried to get other leagues to join.  In short, I only had two leagues in, Stone Cold Spades and one other.  Tried to run the first Challenge Spades Tournament, but had zero luck.  I don't recall when the interleague was purged for inactivity.  So, I gave it a second shot and created a new interleague, but still zero luck.  I kept it alive for a few months before giving up on it.  I decided to let the interleague to be purged by Case's.  Today, I updated my championship history and discovered that my interleague was still in the system.  Oh Hell Yeah!!!  I'm happy to have a longer reign as Team Champion and pasted the one year mark!