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Property of the WWE
Disclaimer - This is somewhat of a fansite of the WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin.  All SCSA pictures and music are copyrighted to the WWE.  I don't hold any ownership to the WWE pictures, music and the usage of the names Stone Cold, Stunner and Rattlesnake.  All other pictures and music belong to their respective artists.

I am a huge fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I do strive to be the best that I can be in the game of spades.  My playing style and attitude in spades immulate those of Stone Cold Steve Austin in and out of the ring.  When I play, I don't give up.  I will always find a way to strike.  With each hand, I figure the best course of action and direct the cards into my favor.  You may think that you have me beaten, but in a snap, I'll deliver a Stone Cold Stunner that will put me back into the game.

When it comes to partners, it don't make a difference who he/she will be at the time.  Just the site of my partner playing bad spades makes me sick.  Don't mess with The Rattlesnake!!!

That's all I have to say about that!!!
Property of the WWE Property of the WWE
This is site is about The Rattlesnake of Spades.  If you want any information
on Stone Cold Steve Austin, please goto BrokenSkullRanch.com and/or WWE.com.

***This site has mouse over pictures, embedded sound and controlable music.***
The music in this site reflects a part of my personallity
and not necessarily me as a person...
The Rattlesnake of Spades

A Cold One - Thought Series

The Walk Out
The Return
The Beer Bash
All Good Things
Christmas From Baghdad
Shariff Austin
The Condemned
Venice Beach

Championship History

Spades History

The Beginning
Tigers Spades League
The Lonely Road of Faith
The Return to Spades
Hosting Return
The Stone Cold Truth Vol 1
The Stone Cold Truth Vol 2
In Search of a Home
Another Return
A New Beginning
Side Notes
Saga Continues
Stone Cold Spades

Home Videos 1 -
Hummer H2 and Championships
Home Videos 2 -
Don't Try This At Home!!!
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Stone Cold Galleries

The Bird Gallery
The Salute
The Beer Gallery 1
The Beer Gallery 2
Stunners 1
Stunners 2
Stone Cold Videos 1
Stone Cold Videos 2
Stone Cold Videos 3
Stunner Imitators
Mad TV
Piper's Pit
Simon System
One Night Stand
Stone Cold Justice
A Stunning Homecoming
The Condemned

Music of Stone Cold

Property of the WWE Property of the WWE Property of the WWE
Looking for all the latest SCSA news and/or rumors?  What about some Stone Cold
facts?  Want those old WWE photos, video and/or audio files?  Then look no further.  I
belong to a Yahoo! Group that has all this and more.  We share our thoughts/feelings/opinions and all types SCSA media.  If you are truely a SCSA fan/fanatic, then you are more than welcome to join us at StoneColdSteveAustin.  The #1 SCSA Group in Yahoo!!!

And that's the bottom line, 'cuz The Rattlesnake says so!!!

Last Update - 08/31/07
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